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The Bell

Black and White image of Laketrails BellThe Laketrails bell came from the old Catholic church in Warroad.  It was originally bolted down to some timbers, but those rotted over the years. It was put on a cement stand in the summer of 1967 when they were mixing the cement to pour the floor of the mess hall. This is where it still stands today.

The bell is an important part of Laketrails. It greets people as they come to the island, calls campers and staff to meals, sends canoe trips off on adventures and welcomes the voyageurs back.  The last thing you hear as you leave the island on a boat back to Young’s Bay is the bell… reminding you to come back again some day!

It is probably one of the top things photographed on the island, who doesn’t have a “sunset bell” shot?



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