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How Did You Get to Camp?

Getting to Laketrails has always been part of the adventure. Many things have changed over the 60 years of camp, with transportation to the island being one of them. Campers in the first 20 years, came across the big lake.  They boarded boats such as the Bert Steele, Resolute, or Island Queen in Warroad. Or, some were lucky enough to fly to camp on one of the local charter planes.

With the building of the Angle road in the early 1970s, campers were bused all the way to the Northwest Angle.  Laketrails picked campers up at Jake’s Resort with the Island Princess.  Campers in the late ’70s may also remember being greeted with canoes at the Angle, and learned to paddle on their way to Laketrails island.

Today, Laketrails campers are picked up at Young’s Bay with the help of the Island Passenger Service, run by Deb Butler with her boat the”Red Head”.  The staff also use the Laketrails boats to bring campers to the docks of camp.  Here the campers are greeted with drums, cheering, some crazy outfits and the bell ~ welcome to camp!

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