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Welcome to Laketrails – this could be your summer home!

Are we right for you? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you sensitive to the needs of youth?
  • Do you want to share your talents and energies in guiding their growth?
  • Do you agree with Laketrails’ emphasis on building assets in youth, and will you support this approach by your own example?
  • Are you excited by the opportunities and challenges of working in a summer camp?
  • If you answered yes to all these questions, then a summer staff position at Laketrails may be for you.

What We Are Looking For In Our Staff

  • Model our philosophy (link to The Laketrails Philosophy) and values for our campers, parents and other staff.
  • Support staff and campers as a constructive member of the Laketrails community.
  • Demonstrate maturity, understanding, patience, spiritual depth, enthusiasm, and a commitment to serving youth.
  • Dedicate themselves to the safety and growth of campers, and to bringing out their personal best.

Skills And Experience You’ll Gain

  • Make Friends—Meet people from across the United States…and all around the world.
  • Make a Difference—Be part of a program that uses the Search Institute’s “asset approach” to youth development. Help teens have fun and make great memories while building their own assets.
  • Build Your Resume—Learn leadership skills you can use anywhere. Demonstrate maturity, responsibility, initiative, and an ability to work well with others that gets you noticed.
  • Jumpstart Your Career—For students in recreation, psychology, education and social work, work at summer camp provides opportunities to develop your skills and heighten future job prospects. Internships are available.
  • “Get Rich”—There is an indescribable richness of experience that comes from working hard to give campers the best summer of their lives. At Laketrails Base Camp, you’ll live in a beautiful environment and truly make a difference in the lives of others.

“Perks” of Employment

  • Work for a high quality, well-respected camp with a commitment to staff morale and teamwork.
  • Work with a wide mix of people who are committed to being good role models.
  • A high quality staff orientation.
  • Competitive industry salaries, with room and board included (no rent to pay!).
  • Bonuses for certifications such as lifeguarding, WSI, boating, sailing and others.
  • Work with a low camper to staff ratio—two guides for every 8-10 campers.
  • On-site laundry.
  • Vegetarian food options for meals.
  • Clothing discounts in the camp store.
  • Use of program equipment such as canoes, tents, kayaks, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions What kind of work will I do?

It depends on your staff position, but you’ll likely be involved with most camp activities. For most, your primary job is to guide canoe trips. You will also teach skills to campers, organize activities and help with the ongoing cleaning and care of the camp.

Do I live at camp?

Yes, all of our positions are residential. Just think, no rent payments and your food provided for the whole summer!

What are the ages of campers at Laketrails?

Laketrails is generally for youth aged 13-18. We do have one session that includes 12-year olds and occasionally one adult (21+) session.

How long do campers come to camp for?

Most of our sessions are nine (9) days long. Occasionally, groups may come for slightly longer periods.

What is the pay like?

It depends on your position and experience. The average pay (not including room & board) for a Laketrails Guide is about $3,250 for the full summer.

What is the average day at camp like?

None of the days at Laketrails are “average.” You can get up with the sun to spend some early morning hours on your own. Or, you could join (or lead) a group for an early morning birding hike. After a filling breakfast, there’s KP and other camp chores followed by the day’s other activities. Before the canoe trip, these activities center around trip preparation, so you will likely be teaching canoeing, packing and safety or other trip orientation skills. On the canoe trip, we try to follow the rhythms of nature, planning our daily activities based on the sun, wind and rain that accompany us. After the canoe trip, activities may include day trips, a water carnival, fishing, sailing or kayaking. These post-trip days are generally not as structured, with the schedule adjusted to the tempo of the campers. Nights, you are expected to spend some quiet time with the campers in your cabin before the final “lights out.

Does this sound like what you are looking for?