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Laketrails Alumni

Welcome Laketrails Alumni!
Laketrails Base Camp has a rich tradition of very involved alumni who enjoy supporting the camp and staying in touch with friends from days gone by.

Keep us up to date with important milestones in your life, and at the same time find out whatʼs going on with other Laketrails folks as well as whatʼs happening on the island.

Read the latest version of the Portage Runner to stay connected with your favorite wilderness camp.


The Portage Runner

The Official Laketrails Newsletter
There is only one thing that Laketrailers love almost as much as being at Laketrails, and that is talking about Laketrails … about adventures in Lake of the Woods, the miles they paddled, the storms they weathered and the sunsets that are still crystal clear in their memories. The Portage Runner will be a place for Laketrailers to share those stories, to find out what’s new at camp and to keep in touch.

- The Portage Runner, June 2016

Latest Issue! March 2024
The Portage Runner - October 2023

The Portage Runner – March 2024

The Portage Runner is alive and well, now in a convenient digital version. View the list to find the issue youʼd like to read, and then immerse yourself in the latest camp news. Thereʼs always something interesting happening with campers, alumni, or on the island! Check it out!


The Archive

Previous Laketrails Newsletters
The Portage Runner - October 2023

The Portage Runner – October 2023

The Portage Runner - July 2023

The Portage Runner – July 2023

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Laketrails would love to stay in touch with you so that we can keep you updated and informed about events on the island and anywhere Laketrails folks are gathering.

Please share your contact information with us. We promise not to pass it on to advertisers and will only use it to stay connected with you. Thanks!
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Every Laketrails Wilderness Adventure is worth sharing with others and we're happy to present some of favorites with you! Please feel free to add your comments or email us your own Laketrails story!

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