Testimonials 2

  • My life changed when I set foot on Oak Island, and my story is not unique.

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    I left Laketrails as a whole new person. I gained so many skills, friends, and became empowered through facing the challenges of working with a team in the wilderness, and I am not unique. Everyone who comes through Laketrails is touched, by the beauty, by the people, by their own growth.

  • Laketrails is a beautiful place full of energetic, creative people.

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    At Laketrails, some of us are lucky to be part of an amazing staff, working in an incredibly gorgeous area full of rainbows, vibrant sunsets, and surprises called Lake of the Woods.

  • Creating these memories–the ones I will never forget–is what will continue to always call me back to Laketrails.

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    Like most camp sites I’ve been to in Lake of the Woods, I can close my eyes and instantly be back there. I can see the campsite with tents set up and a lit fire. ... As night comes I remember the beautiful stars and northern lights.