Laketrails Registration Application – 2022

    Laketrails Registration Application - 2022

    2022 Camper Sessions:


    July 5 - 12




    July 13 - 20




    July 22 - 29




    July 31 - Aug. 7

    (Middle School, Gr. 6-8)


    How did you hear about Laketrails?

    Adult T-shirt size:


    Camper First Name:

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    Camper Gender: (for cabin assignment)


    Date of Birth:

    Grade next year:


    Parent/Guardian phone #1:

    Parent/Guardian phone #2:

    Parent/Guardian email:

    Please note that you will receive communication by email.

    Parent/Guardian 1 - Information


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    Last Name:

    Work phone:

    May we call work in case of emergency?


    Parent/Guardian 2 - Information


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    May we call work in case of emergency?



    Registration and Payment Information


    Registration & Payment: A deposit of $100 is required at time of registration. Fees include boat transportation across Lake of the Woods. (No bus transportation available to the Northwest Angle.) All fees are due 4 weeks prior to camper's desired session. If registering less than 4 weeks before the session, please contact the Laketrails office to arrange payment.

    Campership: We hope that no one will be prevented from attending Laketrails because of the cost. We provide both partial and full camperships based on need. Copies of the policy and application form are available through the Laketrails office or online at

    Enrollment Agreement


    I wish to enroll my child in the session at Laketrails indicated above and described in the parent information packet. I have read the program description, understand the requirements for participants, and give permission for my child to participate. I understand the payment and refund policies described above. I hereby give permission to the medical personnel selected by the Laketrails staff to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order anesthesia or surgery for my child listed above. I also authorize Laketrails to use for promotional purposes any photos or videos taken of my child while involved in Laketrails programs.