Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I go to Laketrails?

Laketrails provides you with the opportunity to live in the wilderness, make new friends and do many things you don’t usually, or can’t do at home. Things like canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, swimming, water carnivals, and hikes to historic gold mines or logging camps are all part of the Laketrails experience.

What else will I do at Laketrails?

The heart of our program is a five-to-six day wilderness canoe trip. You have the opportunity to choose what type of trip you wish to take, and become instrumental in planning and carrying out the trip.

What Should I Bring?

Camp provides all food and all camping gear except a sleeping bag. Generally, camp is a great place to bring old clothes because they will get dirty. Check out our guidelines

I’ve camped with my family and car camped before–will this help?

Sure, but at Laketrails we camp in the roadless wilderness far from civilization. You’ll learn how to move through the lake and woods with minimal impact, and how to camp and carry all the gear needed to survive several days in the back country.

I’ve never camped before, is that a problem?

Not at all, we spend the first day of your stay at the Base Camp reviewing the canoeing and camping skills you will need. On the trip, you will be with other kids near your age and two experienced Laketrails Guides who are typically college-aged students. Both in camp and “on trail” everybody helps each other out.

Can Anyone Come to Laketrails?

Laketrails was founded in 1952 to provide a true wilderness adventure for teens. Laketrails campers must be at least age 13 or out of the seventh grade to attend Camp. We also offer a session for Middle School youth who have completed grades 6 through 8.