About Laketrails

About Laketrails Wilderness Camping

A camping program for high school students has to be BIG

The Laketrails Program

Laketrails program is designed with the teenage camper in mind. While there is plenty of adventure as well as physical challenge, there is also a more relaxed atmosphere than you will find at many camps. We feel it is important for young people to have time to build relationships with other youth and to grow in understanding of their own giftedness. Because of this, we don’t adhere to rigid schedules, but try to live life to the fullest as our Creator presents it to us each day.

The heart of our program is a five to six day wilderness canoe trip geared to the experience level of the individual group. Campers have the opportunity to choose what type of trip they wish to take, and they become instrumental in planning and carrying out the trip. In the process they grow in understanding and appreciation of their own abilities, and learn how to work well with others to accomplish a common goal.

While the Laketrails program is physically rigorous, no prior experience or training is needed. All that is necessary is that the participant be in general good health. If you have any questions about specific health related issues, feel free to call us.

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Can Anyone Come to Laketrails?

In general, Laketrails campers must be at least age 13 or out of the sixth grade to attend Camp. We offer a session specific to middle school (grades 6 – 8) kids and also offer an Adult Trip. If questions arise as to the suitability of Laketrails for you or your child, please call our toll-free number.

What Will We Do?

Canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, swimming, water carnivals, and hikes to abandoned mines or logging camps are all part of the Laketrails experience. Come ready to take part in a very active schedule, but don’t be afraid to enjoy a sensational sunset, dangle your feet in a crystal clear lake or join in stories around the campfire.

What Should I Bring?

After registration, you will receive a list of suggested clothing and other personal items you may wish to bring to Laketrails. Camp provides all food and all camping gear except a sleeping bag.
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Adult Camping

Occasionally, Laketrails offers a canoe trip just for adults. After all, why should the kids have all the fun?! Our most popular trip in recent years has been our Women’s Trip, led by former Laketrails Guides. But, co-ed  trips are sometimes an option. Adult trips are planned with the capabilities of the group in mind and are not meant to be endurance tests, but rather a pleasant time cruising the islands and perhaps an inland lake or two. (Some portaging might happen!) Those who enjoy fishing can also be accommodated.

Adult participants are expected to be in good health and must have a doctor’s signed statement attesting to the general fitness of the individual. This information is found on our Adult Health History form. Both experienced and inexperienced campers are welcome, but be prepared to follow the Laketrails philosophy of joining in the community.

To learn more about our Adult Camping program, please call the Laketrails office at 800-450-6460. We’re happy to answer your questions!

Middle School Session

In the interest in better meeting the needs of the younger camper, Laketrails is offers a session for youth currently in the sixth, seventh or eighth grades. The program format is the same as for our other sessions, but enrollment is limited to youth in these grades.

How Can I Contact Laketrails?

For your convenience we have established a toll-free number, 800 450-6460. You can reach us at this number through June 1 with any questions you may have. After that date, please call us at 218 223-8281. Correspondence after June 1 should be addressed to Laketrails, P. O. Box 25, Oak Island, MN 56741. You may reach us at any time at info@laketrails.org